Why the “Silent Revolution” for BPD (at BreakAway MHE) Might Be For You

**The ideas contained in this post are the opinions of the writer and communicated without reference to supporting documentation. The writer also recognizes that BPD is a disorder that affects both males and females, and uses of “she” or “he” in the communication of ideas are not intended to covey sexual bias. Breakaway MHE Disclaimer

Ok… So this is where things get interesting at BreakAway MHE if you are passionate about mental health advocacy, and particularly if your passion for advocacy has any connection to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). If you suffer with BPD (or know someone who suffers with BPD), then no doubt you are acutely aware of how much devastation and suffering BPD can add to the mix of life. And if you have been following along at BreakAway MHE, then you are also probably learning that human life does not need to be so plagued by mental health issues like BPD. Nonetheless, these mental health issues continue showing up like clockwork in the midst of modern life.

Perhaps just like me, you have pondered deeply about mental health questions, such as: “why does BPD find its way into human life?”, and similarly, “why does BPD continue showing up despite all we have learned about ourselves as humans?”

As a therapist, I have been exposed to the “inside information” of thousands of people seeking assistance with their mental health, and in my opinion the information has almost always hinted at a common point of causality – stress induced plus culturally induced mental health ignorance. Mental health awareness incessantly struggles to become a higher priority issue in modern day life (and thus reduce the prevalence of disorder) because of two different but related issues – 1) the necessity to get money for survival, and 2) the insatiable greed to get more and more money despite having plenty. People are largely, and sometimes entirely, preoccupied with gathering cash and surrendering to the cash requirements of their culture (shopping) – apparently whether they like it or not.

I don’t know about you, but myself (now being 42-years-old) have come to realize that the human drive for getting money – no matter what the individual motivation may be – will not be changing anytime soon, despite the unfortunate mental health side-effects it tends to produce. The concept of money has become so thoroughly and psychologically enmeshed with the concept of human survival/security that there is no going back to anything else that might serve humanity better, no matter what.

And since large chunks of the human population relentlessly don’t bother (or unknowingly lack the opportunity) to learn more about mental health, and likewise, don’t consider or realize how certain life activities and attitudes could be directly (or indirectly) contributing to large-scale mental health problems, there needs to be an opposing momentum in the world that remains equally relentless (RE-LENT-LESS) at effectively doing the exact opposite – raising the priority placement of mental health awareness in human life.

So, how do you increase the priority placement of mental health in a world that seems to depend on (and even be enthusiastic about) activities and attitudes that decrease the priority placement of mental health? Some people might say that “we need to fight a war of words to make people understand that there is a problem with the way we live, and that eventually this will change the reality from what it is now.” Some might say “we need to demand more and more mental health services to keep up to the mental health demand that is taking place.” Some might go as far as to say “we need to give up on trying to help people with mental health problems because we just can’t keep up with everything else going on in the world.” But what if there was another way that creatively made use of money and technology systems (exactly as they are) to increase the priority placement of mental health in everyday life?

Enter the concept of the “Silent Revolution” at BreakAway MHE! This concept was inspired by a quote from Buckminster Fuller (an American Architect) that I came across one day during a random internet search. It reads…

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


I love the idea of “revolution” for the purpose of advocating for people suffering with mental health issues, but I don’t like the conflict, drama, wasted time, and violence that sometimes goes along with revolutionary acts. The idea of having a “silent revolution” for mental health awareness, therefore, means to take a different approach for helping yourself and others that doesn’t require getting the people in power on your side. It is not to be confused with suggesting that people with mental health issues remain silent or receive silence from others. It is about finding a way “to go with the flow of life” to get important needs met, rather than “fighting against the currents of life” and remaining unwell. It is about focusing and harnessing the power of money and technology for the mental health betterment/empowerment of people everywhere, and likewise about reducing the chances of falling into unnecessary patterns of servitude to these systems.

The perhaps very innovative approach we (myself, Dawn Jackson, and future friends) will be taking at BreakAway MHE involves accepting the structures and systems that we live in (e.g., money system, social media) exactly as they are, while at the same time taking creative/innovative steps to enhance the spread and usefulness of mental health information all over the world. In other words, BreakAway MHE is becoming much more than just another mental health campaign… it is an invention, a type of model, intended to motivate humans to choose and embrace that which is useful and helpful as pertains to mental health, and BPD in particular.

In the very near future, you and all others who access BreakAway MHE will have the opportunity to be part of our powerful “silent revolution” that – we believe – has the potential to spark real motivation for reading, writing, thinking, and sharing about mental health more than ever before. In part, the “silent revolution” is already happening at BreakAway MHE because people from all over the world are reading and sharing BreakAway MHE content in social media. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! We haven’t yet harnessed the real power of a mental health collective.

Imagine hundreds (or even thousands) of people partnering together to write, review, and share mental health information from all over the world, while at the same time potentially earning a financial reward through their participation in the mental health collective – keeping them coming back for more, again and again. The point of the financial benefit is therefore not to “just be making more money”, but to be approaching a mental health challenge in a way that works to generate interest and maintain motivation to continue learning. Try to keep in mind that humans invest most of their time and energy into activities of survival/security, and if “money = survival/security” in modern day life (or at least if that is how it is perceived), then that is how mental health awareness would best be served.

We are so excited to be embarking on this paradigm shifting enterprise with anyone willing to chart new mental health awareness territory with us. The goal is to “build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Let’s see what we can do to eliminate, as much as possible with an online program, the unnecessary suffering of mental illness that happens when ignorance about how to have mental health prevails.

Peter Miller & Dawn Jackson (Breakaway MHE Co-Founders)

photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer Talk Shows On Mute via photopin (license)

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