Have you been searching? Longing? Wishing? Hoping? NEEDING some kind of understanding? Some kind of magic sauce that would make it all ok? You are not alone. Your experience is not in vain. You have a voice and a gift and together we are the Silent Revolution that will change the outlook for mental health around the world.
Will you partner with us? Will you take up the sword and help address the lack of mental health understanding running rampant across the world?  We strongly believe that you have arrived here at this time, in this very moment, to receive this very message, and be inspired to partner with us on a most unique and vital mission.
The Silent Revolution Partner Program (SRPP)
(and what’s in it for you!)

At BreakAway MHE, we have thought long and hard about how to effectively raise mental health awareness around the world. We have carefully considered how to best utilize available technology, business and marketing principles, and the richness of the human experience to turn up the volume of mental health awareness to the absolute maximum.

The Silent Revolution Partner Program is here for YOU. It is here for all of us around the world yearning for more understanding, more hope, more confidence, and for more of all the richness life has to offer. It is about invoking change through innovation and determination. Let’s show the world how far an online collective of people and information can reach while working together in a uniquely powerful way!



The 4 articles listed below were written in preparation for the launch of this exciting mental health venture. The articles will help you understand how it is indeed possible and helpful to combine a business opportunity with a mental health learning program, and how this also works to spread mental health awareness all around the world.

While it isn’t absolutely necessary to review the articles right away to join our team, we invite you to explore the ideas for deepening your understanding of where we are headed and why. We are also hopeful that the articles will help ignite your passion for mental health awareness and fuel your fire for a Silent Revolution!

(AKA “the good stuff”)

In order to work together in a highly powerful way, we have designed the Silent Revolution Partner Program (SRPP) to provide multiple benefits to all members…

The first, and most important, benefit of our program is the consistent exposure to useful mental health information. Following the design described below,  you will be motivated to learn more about yourself through writing and sharing your writing, while also developing an appreciation for the experiences of others working through similar issues. You will become a regular contributor, sharer, and reviewer of mental health information. As your participation continues, you will develop more and more mental health expertise, perhaps work through many of your own issues, and assist many others in doing the same.

Benefit number two of the SRPP is the opportunity to earn an income! Income earned is through your membership in Global Domains International (GDI) – a company that specializes in website domains, website hosting, and email services – AND – includes a generous affiliate program (*But don’t join through these links. Wait until you get to your members area). The GDI product only costs $10.00/month, pays affiliates $1.00 for every person they refer, and is perfectly suitable for the purposes of uniting people, learning lots about mental health, and spreading information on a global scale – exactly what we want to do! You will understand better and better how and why this works as you enter into and continue the process we have prepared.

Therefore, in addition to helping ourselves and others advance in mental health, we can at the same time create additional income (something very useful in a world that runs on money). We are aiming to have every person in the SRPP receive at least 6 GDI referrals, and you can see what this amounts to in the long-run by going to the GDI calculator and entering the number “6” in the both the top and bottom boxes.

Another benefit of your membership and participation in the SRPP is being part of a massive online collective! This means you will be supported by every member of the SRPP in finding new GDI referrals. Every page of mental health-related content that every member contributes will act as point of entry into the SRPP (and GDI). Hundreds or thousands of pages of internet content could be working for you 24-hours/day, 365-days/year, building a GDI business.

Using this business design, the advertising aspect of building an online business is drastically multiplied for you. In fact you don’t have to pay a cent for advertising and the scope of your advertising power will continue to expand over time. Your only task is to continue contributing original mental health content, sharing mental health content as instructed, and continue your $10.00/month membership in GDI.

To make things even sweeter, we are also providing a way to “earn faster for doing extra”. We are doing this because in addition to experiencing the benefits of working together as a collective, we also understand the importance of individual incentive to move forward in a shorter span of time. Therefore, for every page of original content contributed there will be a 66% chance of having a new GDI referral go directly into your personal GDI business (2 GDI entry points for you on each page contributed -versus- 1 GDI entry point for the team on each page contributed). Plus, every person you directly refer to the SRPP using our system still becomes part of our massive collective and receives 6 GDI referrals from the team. Therefore no matter how each member finds his/her way into the SRPP, all get positioned to receive 6 GDI referrals.

Let’s Do Some Math! How Viral Could This Get?

BreakAway MHE already has about 100 articles and gets approximately 150 page views per day.


**The calculation below does not account for the compounding improvement to search engine rankings as SRPP content grows. It also does not take into account the improvement to search engine rankings as a result of all members sharing SRPP content in social media. This means the actual amount of search engine traffic that comes from creating and sharing content together could be a lot better than predicted.

**Every BreakAway MHE page view counts for at least one SRPP advertisement displayed to website visitors


  • 10 members produce 10 articles each = 100 articles = another 150 page views/day (New total = 300 page views/day)
  • 20 members produce 10 articles each = 200 articles = another 300 page views/day (New total = 450 page views/day)
  • 30 members produce 10 articles each = 300 articles = another 450 page views/day (New total = 600 page views/day)
  • 40 members produce 10 articles each = 400 articles = another 600 page views/day (New total = 750 page views/day)
  • 50 members produce 10 articles each = 500 articles = another 750 page views/day (New total = 900 page views/day)
  • 60 members produce 10 articles each = 600 articles = another 900 page views/day (New total = 1050 page views/day)
  • 70 members produce 10 articles each = 700 articles = another 1050 page views/day (New total = 1200 page views/day)
  • 80 members produce 10 articles each = 800 articles = another 1200 page views/day (New total = 1350 page views/day)
  • 90 members produce 10 articles each = 900 articles = another 1350 page views/day (New total = 1500 page views/day)
  • 100 members produce 10 articles each = 1000 articles = another 1500 page views/day (New total = 1650 page views/day)



The visual depiction below was made to help explain our GDI marketing strategy and further motivate you to become part of our global mental health awareness team. We believe we have a solid and powerful strategy that will meet the goals of raising mental health awareness and skill levels across the globe, plus provide an exciting and realistic way to earn extra income from the comfort of home.

  • the first box at the top indicates that all members of the SRPP will create content (write articles about their learning experiences in mental health and contribute to the SRPP)
  • the next box indicates that all members of the SRPP will share content in social media (sharing links to BreakAway articles of your choice in your favorite social media)
  • the combined outcome of creating content and sharing content in social media on a large scale is increased search engine rankings (such as in Google)
  • when search engine rankings are increased, the natural result is to have more visitors to the website
  • with more visitors coming to BreakAway MHE there will be more exposure to the SRPP, and therefore, more interest generated in the SRPP
  • with more interest generated in the SRPP, more new members with join the SRPP
  • with more new SRPP members, this means more creation of content, and likewise, more sharing of content
  • the result of this process repeating itself is to gain more and more momentum, expanding outwards, and growing an enormous organization that thoroughly benefits everyone involved

(You must join GDI from the Breakaway link to be included in the collective advertising)


photo credit: Got Credit Money via photopin (license)
photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video Earth at Night, Europe [hd video] via photopin (license)
photo credit: wasabicube Equals via photopin (license)