BreakAwayMHE Global Awareness Campaign for BPD (Collective Mental Health Power!)

**The ideas contained in this post are the opinions of the writer and communicated without reference to supporting documentation. The writer also recognizes that BPD is a disorder that affects both males and females, and uses of “she” or “he” in the communication of ideas are not intended to covey sexual bias. Breakaway MHE Disclaimer

Is the topic of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) important to you? Does the idea of working together in large numbers to support mental health awareness all over the world sound interesting or meaningful? Would you find it motivating to be financially rewarded for your mental health efforts while at the same time acting as an inspiration to others needing help with their mental health? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might want to consider coming on board with us at as we embark on our collective global awareness campaign for BPD!

At BreakAwayMHE, we have long been considering how to approach mental health awareness so that the odds of reaching and influencing others needing assistance is much improved. We have pondered and brainstormed how to harness the power of available systems and legitimate opportunities so as to naturally boost the priority level of mental health in everyday life. We recognize that it can be very difficult to regularly learn about (and work on) mental health in the modern world because of so many common distractions and stresses that tend to impede this type of work. And recognizing this, we have come up with an innovative/exciting plan to both live in the modern world and use what it has to offer to collectively enhance mental health.

We are looking for people who are willing to write about and share their experiences with mental health and what they have learned (or are learning) to make changes in their life. This writing about mental health could be related to information available at BreakAwayMHE (for instance, the 9-Steps), but it doesn’t have to be. In exchange for submitting articles to BreakAwayMHE, you can join with other members in earning additional income and other members will share what you have written across various social media networks. The more members that join BreakAwayMHE, the more your potential for earning and the more your articles will be shared across the world in social media.

Once you have joined, you will see how we have integrated an inexpensive income opportunity that is referral-based and continuously promoted through ALL the articles that are submitted to BreakAwayMHE from all team members. In other words, you will be supported in growing a referral-based business by all the members of the team at all times. But not only this, you will also have the opportunity to increase the size of your business (above and beyond the efforts of the team) through submitting as many original articles to BreakAwayMHE as you like.

Imagine… you could end up being supported by hundreds (and potentially, thousands) of other writers in learning more about mental health and growing a legitimate passive monthly income for yourself! Plus the more motivated you become to write, the more you can earn through the combination of your own effort and the team together! Every new article submitted to the BreakAwayMHE becomes a permanent internet advertising spot for the team and the individual writer, plus a potential avenue for someone in the world to begin exploring his or her mental health. It’s a win for the writer, a win for every team member, and a win for the person who finds the mental health information and/or inspiration he or she needs – A TRIPLE WIN.

By offering this unique approach to mental health at BreakAwayMHE, we are not attempting to devalue or undermine any other information source of way of working on mental health, but rather attempting to solve the problem of delayed (or unavailable) mental health support in certain populations and certain parts of the world. We are also very much interested in creating a powerful incentive for continued learning about mental health. In particular, Borderline Personality Disorder is a condition that requires ongoing exposure to specific information and skills, but without receiving ongoing instruction can become progressively worse over time. So why not attempt to do something about this if we can, while at the same time benefitting from each other’s efforts?

We are looking forward to working with you in our upcoming global awareness campaign for BPD, slated to arrive in May 2018. We believe it is going to be exciting and rich with opportunity to learn from each other and experience a financial benefit. However, even if you aren’t interested in partnering with us, please do continue taking advantage of the free mental health information at BreakAwayMHE. We are eager to be a force for good in the world and to partner with you in the process!

Peter Miller & Dawn Jackson (Breakaway MHE Co-Founders)

photo credit: Philippe Put word map matrices via photopin (license)

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