Awakening from “The Matrix” of Modern Life (Seeing Through The Death Spiral OS)

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**The ideas contained in this post are the opinions of the writer and communicated without reference to supporting documentation. The writer also recognizes that BPD is a disorder that affects both males and females, and uses of “she” or “he” in the communication of ideas are not  intended to covey sexual bias. Breakaway MHE Disclaimer

Please do not proceed any further if you are having emotional difficulties at this time, or if you suspect learning about “end of the world” topics may lead to unmanageable emotional overwhelm in the future (TRIGGER WARNING). Similar to three other articles I produced, Mental Health Reason Humans Destroy Themselves (and The Living Planet), Managing Anxiety While Pondering “The End of The World” (My Chat with Dr. Guy McPherson), and Born Into Veiled Insanity, And The Climate Tells Me So, I recognize this article may come as a surprise for presentation on a blog about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Nonetheless, I believe there are mental health relevance and value to be found as you read through the article, START to FINISH.

We all start out in the same place: fast asleep amidst the mass of information and cultural indoctrination that surrounds us. What does this mean?

We are all at once “plugged in” but disconnected from much of what is needed to thrive as humans. We are “educated” but nonetheless unaware of much of the understanding needed to thrive as humans. Even more vitally, we remain blissfully ignorant about what it means to ensure our continuation as a species. We are asleep even while awake, perpetually removed from the precious knowledge needed to form quality connections, both with ourselves (between ourselves) and with the natural world. How can this be happening?

We are consumed with sustaining the culture of our birth. We are likewise consumed with consuming media through our machines – seeking to become “known and acceptable” through our machines, day after day, night after night. As we do this, we experience a simulation and distraction from what is real and pertinent to life itself. And even though we believe our needs are all accounted for, nothing could be further from the truth.

We remain consumed because of the endless but temporary pleasures the machines offer us. The culture of our birth likewise tempts us to follow in its footsteps and find fulfillment through the promises of materialism and afterlife. But even though we experience these temporary pleasures and highs, many of us secretly realize we are deeply troubled, afflicted, and living within a void. And through having this glimmer of awareness, in some rare instances, we receive invitations to follow our intuitions and experiment with becoming awake.

From day one, we are persuaded into adopting a lifestyle that involves obedience to authorities and looking up to individuals who have accumulated status and currency. Not only are we conditioned to believe that this is the admirable and honourable lifestyle, but we are also conditioned to believe that a lack of striving to achieve this standard displays “weak character” or “low class.”

The general unsubstantiated belief is that accumulation of status and currency translates into health, happiness, and well-being, and so why would you ever want to deviate from this path? We believe in this unsubstantiated belief so strongly that we will literally surrender all our life-energy to the authorities who offer avenues to fulfill the belief. The relevant question, therefore, becomes: how much bliss and contentment actually exists at the end of such a path? Are “the achievers” living in a state of perpetual bliss, or are they all still plagued with the same forms of discontentment and illness as all the rest?

The moment we start taking actions or saying words that criticize dominant beliefs and lifestyle paradigms as potentially flawed or corrupted is the point at which consequences get administered. The consequences may be mild or severe in form, but inevitably, they get administered. Consequences may come in the forms of relationship loss, mockery, character and intellectual degradation, ultimatums, attempts to re-educate, and even full-blown rejection and ostracizing. When culturally rebellious attitudes persist over long periods, and especially if the rebel has any measure of influence over others, the consequences may steepen to include death threats and other forms of violence. Is it any wonder that most people give in to the established standards of acceptability?

There comes a point in the evolution of learning that you may reach a crossroads, depending, of course, on the nature of your learning. If you yearn to discover “deep truth” in the course of your learning, there is great potential to make such discoveries, although not without experiencing phases of doubt, confusion, and disillusionment. Recall that you were born into a world of mass information flow and competing cultural ideologies? And that being said, please consider: If the powers that be wanted to take control of anything, then wouldn’t it be control over the human mind?

Many are seeking to attract followers, though none so thoroughly have captured the allegiance of nearly every human mind than the ones wielding the most monetary and material power. In other words, the ones with the most monetary and material power have used their powers to set the cultural standards and program the human mind through their involvement in government, business, banking, education, and media. The ones with the most money and power have the most influence over airtime, content, laws, contracts and policy, and thus, the human mind. Is this really so hard to believe?

To experience an awakening does not have much in common with common pleasantry. Awakening isn’t about “feeling better.” Perhaps this is one of the main reasons humans typically prefer to remain ignorant of the deepest details of their lives. True awakening involves experiences of shock, disorientation, and discomfort. Therefore, when pondering the act of taking a deeper look into one’s life on earth, one has to ask himself: How much am I willing to go through, and how badly do I want to see things as they really are?

To choose to awaken is to choose to face parts of life and oneself that one has previously invested much energy into avoiding. Similarly, to choose to awaken is to accept the invitation to become awake when the invitation presents itself. Chances are very good that you don’t even know that you are asleep because the culture of your birth has convinced you otherwise. To transition from asleep to awake very often requires seeing for the first time, feeling for the first time, and allowing for the first time. It requires giving your trust to another in order to make yourself vulnerable.

You have been programmed and you are living in a program (an operating system, OS). Not the same as portrayed in the movie “The Matrix,” but humans are programmed within a program (a cultural program) nonetheless. The programming is subtle because if it wasn’t then it wouldn’t be very good programming. The programming is transmitted via the patterns of ideas and concepts present in the curriculum, traditions, movies, television, and the rules of the society – anything that repeats and transmits ideas and concepts. The programming could be anything, and for that reason, humans can be lead to believe that almost anything is “real.”

The hardest part to discover and accept during an awakening is that you are programmable and have been programmed. The program in capitalist culture is top-down, meaning that every ounce of your life-energy belongs to the individuals, families, and companies wielding the most power and influence. Even though you may sometimes have “free time,” the whole of your life-energy nonetheless belongs to those owning the rights to all (or most of all) of the necessities of life, particularly land. You owe them as long as they stand in between you and all things that were formerly free from nature. And strangely, you are happy to owe them because you have been programmed to admire the individual (person, family, corporation, country) and to devalue the whole (the entire complex of life on earth as a collection of interdependent organisms and species).

Do you recognize and accept that you are a programmable species that has indeed been programmed by the surrounding culture? Do you recognize and accept that the dominant and prevailing operating system is fatally flawed, specifically due to its inability to have a healthy relationship with the whole of life on earth? Are you entering a space of understanding that may permit a transition away from this programming? Saying “no” to any of these questions is essentially the same as choosing to not awake from the deep sleep. It is likewise the same as choosing to ignore many of the perilous realities that the prevailing operating system inflicts upon the earth and humanity, and will continue to inflict until the entire world and humanity are destroyed.

Even though the current and prevailing operating system can create a convincing impression of being innocent and benign, nothing could be further from the truth. Even though it can pacify and dulcify, it does not include the coding for an indefinite and healthy human existence. It is an operating system with a death spiral encoded, meaning that it ignores the natural consequences of its actions. Much of the physical and mental disease present in modern humans can be attributed to this ignoring of natural consequences embedded in the coding. I have written extensively about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) at this blog, and I believe it is but one of the natural consequences of the prevailing operating system.

We have all been programmed for dependency on an operating system (OS) that will inevitably terminate itself. But while this appears to be true at the deepest possible human level, we can nonetheless choose to awake and unplug. To awake and unplug requires a relentless curiosity, courage, and passion that many will not possess. It is a daunting choice to awake and embrace such ideas. The pressure of programming and peer influence is epically powerful. To awake likewise requires facing and working through several challenging emotions (e.g., fear, sadness, confusion, disorientation, guilt, shame, rejection, abandonment, worthlessness, etc.), meaning that many will shun and cower away from the challenge.

Until the very last breath that humans take, they will always have the ability to awaken from this deep sleep and adjust themselves accordingly. Said another way, humans have inherent/organic powers of awareness, relationship, emotion, imagination, thought, and choice, and can use these powers wisely or foolishly. This is power that perhaps takes eons of time to grow into, and thus far it appears humans have in many ways been failing miserably. But regardless of the outcome for humans on earth, I believe it is important that we make every attempt to use our powers responsibly. To globally accomplish this level of human responsibility will require recoding and rewriting (and ultimately overthrowing) the prevailing operating system.







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