10 Reasons The Silent Revolution is the Best Work-From-Home Opportunity on Earth!

**The ideas contained in this post are the opinions of the writer and communicated without reference to supporting documentation. The writer also recognizes that BPD is a disorder that affects both males and females, and uses of “she” or “he” in the communication of ideas are not intended to covey sexual bias. Breakaway MHE Disclaimer

1. It’s all about Mental Health – Probably the number one reason the Silent Revolution Partner Program (SRPP) is the best opportunity on earth, at least in our opinion… The world as a whole needs to evolve as far as mental health is concerned, evidenced by the many examples of societal chaos and conflict every day in the news. Countless people everywhere could benefit from learning more about mental health to improve the quality of their lives, and to enrich and stabilize their relationships. To greatly expand useful mental health information all over the world while at the same time increasing the depth of understanding humans have for one another can only be a good thing.

2. Open to all mental health interests – Even though the BreakAway MHE site and SRPP have a special interest in supporting others with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), this does not remove an interest in working with others experiencing other mental health issues. In fact, we consider it a huge asset to learn about other mental health conditions… how they are experienced and worked through… because BPD can in fact be a multifaceted/complicated condition that often involves other diagnoses (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, body-image issues, eating disorder, etc.). We are curious to learn about it all… to hear all you have to say about what you are going through and what’s working to make changes! Learning more about mental health in all aspects can only be a good thing and empowering, and if nothing else compassion-building for other humans experiencing different things.

3. Low risk/High potential – The risk of participating in the SRPP is low because of the way it has been designed. BreakAway MHE admin carefully reviews all content contributed to the SRPP before posting to the site to ensure appropriate safety criteria are met. All members are also made aware of the limits of the BreakAway MHE site and SRPP in the easily accessible disclaimer. No member of the SRPP is misled to expect more than is available, although the potential for personal growth is considered high because of frequent exposure to helpful information.

4. Low cost membership – The membership cost for involvement in the SRPP is actually zero dollars, although partnering with us in the Global Domains International (GDI) affiliate program to earn extra income is only $10.00/month. The cost of working together with us will never be higher than this, and for this cost you get all the products and services GDI has to offer, the potential to earn sizeable income through the GDI affiliate program, the benefit of ongoing exposure to useful mental health information, plus go through a mental health journey of your own. Considering all these things, we believe the costs of participation are considerably lower than the benefits of participation. You can’t really lose by giving the SRPP a shot, and the chances of making personal/financial gains are actually quite good.

5. GDI is a company with good reputation – We chose GDI as our affiliate program because it has proven itself over years of operation, beginning in 2000. It has a good product and generous affiliate program (especially as the number of affiliates in your organization grows). However, please note that random internet searches for “GDI” or “Global Domains International” may pull up search results that include the word “scam,” and that these are just tactics used by desperate marketers to get people reading their GDI promotional materials in the hopes it will result in a new recruit. The SRPP will not be taking such approaches to building a business or misleading anyone at any time. GDI is absolutely a legitimate company (and opportunity) and pays its affiliate on time, every time.

6. No advertising costs – In many work-from-home/referral-based opportunities, there is some sort of financial cost involved to get the word out about what you are doing. This could mean business cards, or pamphlets, or other available materials the company offers. It could also mean money spent on arranging and hosting meetings for potential prospects to attend. By contrast, the only “work” required by members of the SRPP is to write about their ongoing experiences in mental health and then to share these with the program. In addition to this and because of the design of the SRPP, every members supports every other member in getting the word out about the program and finding new members. This means advertising leverage (additional advertising power because of group affiliation)! In other words, as the program grows so does the collective advertising power, and in terms of the size and scope of the internet that can mean ENORMOUS leverage!

7. Ultra flexible – The very real need for flexibility in modern life was considered a high priority when the SRPP was being designed. And as a result, the SRPP is a highly flexible program to be involved in. You can work on writing out your thoughts about mental health at anytime and anywhere, using whatever device you have handy. Whenever you have something ready to submit to BreakAway MHE for review, simply log in to your member’s area and fill out the short submission form. There is no need to commit yourself in any other way to make progress and add to your potential for earning income more from the affiliate program (GDI). Other aspects of the SRPP (such as sharing mental health articles in social media) can be easily be completed anytime and anywhere, and quickly.

8. The whole planet is the market – When we say that the SRPP is a worldwide opportunity, we totally mean it! The reason for this is that the information and opportunity available through the SRPP goes all around the world, and that includes the GDI affiliate program. Perhaps you would also agree that needs for improved mental health are everywhere present in the world? The way we see it at BreakAway MHE, wherever there are people living complicated lives, there are needs to become better informed about mental health and how it can become a problem. If we were to really put the neglected mental health needs of individuals into a global perspective, we are of the opinion at BreakAway MHE that the numbers would at least be in the millions.

9. No bothering anybody – One of the typical turn-offs in referral-based income opportunities is the apparent requirement of working through the people you know to get anywhere. In other words, the people you know and share relationships end up hearing your sales pitch because that would seem to be the only place to start. In the SRPP there is no requirement for this, and therefore, no reason to expect this kind of stress. All that is required in the SRPP is to produce content (articles/posts), submit those articles/posts to SRPP, share SRPP articles in social media, share articles in social media, and of course maintain you membership in GDI ($10.00/month). Our hope in taking this approach is that you will be comfortable and confident in what you are doing, and continue your learning about mental health.

10. No limit to growth – We encourage you to participate to your hearts extent in the SRPP. The more you grow (both personally and financially) the more we hope and anticipate you will be inspired to continue your growth! We have designed the program to include both individual and collective benefits, which means you can enjoy the leverage of working as a team while also seeing the more immediate results of your hard work. This aspect of design we also hope and anticipate will ignite your passion to continue benefitting and growing through your participation. The sky is literally the limit because of the size of the market we are reaching out to, and no doubt it can only be a good thing worldwide for you to keep participating as much as you want.

Peter Miller & Dawn Jackson (Breakaway MHE Co-Founders)

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